After some time recalibrating our strategy as a band in light of the ongoing pandemic, we are excited to finally release our new song ‘Ceremonies’.  In the early spring of 2020, we released our first album with only a handful of shows under our belt but by April, MI went into full lockdown.  Erring on the side of caution we took some time off until hitting rehearsals and recording again as the summer rolled in.  ‘Ceremonies’ will be a single for us, not an installment for our sophomore record, but the song does give the listener a sense of how we are growing as a live band.  

The plan as of now is to finish up recording a cover of ‘Uninvited’ (Alanis Morsette) that we are working on with vocalist Jeremy Zeller.  This will be a slight departure from our usual long instrumental song format in an effort to collaborate with an incredible vocalist who reached out to us this past fall.  After that, we will be heading to New Hartford Iowa to work with Ben Metz at his new studio to record yet another single that will be a little heavier & more minimalist than our usual vibe.  Ben Metz is one of the most talented producers out there and his studio has equipment that is almost unparalleled here in the states.  

Once that single is released, we will hunker down and begin working on our second album.  Most of the material for this project is already written, and the vision for the album is coming together nicely.  It will sit within the ethos established by the first album but progress in a direction that people will find refreshing.  The songs will continue to be long and instrumental with a nice mix of hope and aggression.  Like everyone, we are sitting in a precarious place because of covid and I suspect that context will nudge us into some vulnerable spaces with our writing which we will embrace in the best way we can.

That being said, our prayers and positive energy go out to all who have experienced tragic loss because of this pandemic.  These are hard times that leave no one truly safe.  As a band, we will continue to work hard to get more material out to you and keep you updated.

Much Love & Peace – Moses the Black  

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